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Model: 1000

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Make Your Limoges Gift More Memorable with a Personalized Message Inside! 

Add a personalized message to your Limoges Box to create a more meaningful keepsake.  We can personalize almost any Limoges box with your desired message.  Length of message will depend on the size and shape of the Limoges.  Our artist inscribed personalization will create a unique Limoges with your own special sentiments inside.  We provide in-house personalization so your order will be processed the same day as purchase with no delay!   Select from options below for correct pricing and type in your personalization message in the box below.


$15 - One Word - Name (i.e., "Jennifer") or numeral Date (i.e., "12.24.13")
$25 - Short Message, 2-3 words - (i.e., "Love, Mom & Dad")
$35 - Longer Message, 4 or more words - (i.e., "You are my sunshine, Love, Greg")

In case your desired message does not fit into the Limoges box, we will contact you for modifications.  You can also call us to place your order including personalization.

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