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Life Is Short!  Enjoy Its Beautiful Little Treasures!

One of life’s pleasures is to behold beautiful objects and, in the ideal, to own, display and cherish them!   French porcelain Limoges boxes are the embodiment of such delights.  These enchanting creations afford one the opportunity to indulge in beauty and sense the captivating elegance of the past in an intimate way.

Collecting objects of beauty has been a passion shared by men and women throughout history.  Originally, Limoges boxes were collected and proudly displayed as a symbol of status by royalty and the nobility when they were first created in the 18th century.   The styles and uses of Limoges boxes were initially limited to practical objects such as snuff boxes, pill boxes, sewing needle boxes and for some, objects to place little love notes and secret messages to pass between lovers!

Collectible Limoges Boxes For Every Taste |

In recent times, Limoges boxes are crafted in a great variety of styles to charm and attract every taste.  A collector with an eye for the classical style or one who enjoys whimsical themes will find a vast selection of shapes and designs to satisfy their collecting passion.

Methods of Collecting

The story of collecting these wonderful treasure boxes can vary greatly for each collector.  What got you started could be that you received a Limoges box as a gift.  You may have admired Limoges boxes that friends or relatives owned.  Perhaps you had childhood keepsake boxes such as a First Tooth or First Curl Limoges box.  Whatever captivated your fancy for collecting Limoges boxes, here you are, a Limoges Box Collector!

There are various ways to collect Limoges boxes, depending on the taste and preference of the individual.  Below are only some of the ways these exquisite keepsakes can be collected.

Classic Style Limoges Boxes |  Gardening Limoges Boxes |  Sewing Limoges Boxes |   Art Limoges Boxes |

By Theme ~ One method is to collect Limoges boxes that fit into one thematic style that speaks to the taste of the collector.   You may enjoy collecting the boxes in the Classic Style, or antique Limoges boxes.  Your Limoges box collection can illustrate your enjoyment of Gardening, Sewing, Art, Music or the love of Animals.  Those who enjoy cooking or have a taste for wine will find a great many captivating  Limoges boxes to portray their culinary delights.

Music Limoges Boxes |   Animal Limoges Boxes |   Food, Cuisine and Cooking Limoges Boxes |   Wine Limoges Boxes |

As Keepsakes
Another method is to collect Limoges boxes as keepsakes and heirlooms.  Baby Limoges boxes are a greatly popular theme to memorialize a baby’s birth, first tooth, first haircut, and aspect related to those special early years.  Travel Limoges boxes are another popular memorabilia for remembering places you have traveled to.  Whether your travels have taken you to far away places or just to the beach, you can find many Limoges boxes to memorialize each special trip.

Baby and Children Limoges Boxes |   Travel Limoges Boxes |

For The Holidays
~  Special holidays are wonderful occasions to collect and display your Limoges box treasures.  Every year you can add to your collection of Christmas Limoges boxes with a variety of Santa Claus boxes, Snowmen, Christmas Trees and all things Christmas.  You can collect and display Holiday Limoges boxes all year long or change your décor for each special Holiday and display certain boxes for Easter, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Valentine’s Day or Hanukah.

Christmas Limoges Boxes |

Rare Limoges Boxes
~ As a discerning collector, your taste may be in the retired and rare Limoges boxes with a “wow factor”!  Certain styles of Limoges boxes such as the Walt Disney collection by Artoria are only made for a limited time and later become greatly-sought-after and hard-to-find.  You may enjoy Barbie Limoges boxes or boxes made for special events or products such as the Star Wars movies or Planters’ Mr. Peanut.

 Rare Walt Disney Limoges Boxes |

As An Investment
~  Limoges boxes make excellent investment pieces.  As each piece is crafted by hand through a laborious and time-consuming process, each Limoges box is a miniature art piece which increases in value with passage of time.   Limoges boxes are also valuable keepsakes to be proudly displayed and to pass on to loved ones.  


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