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Go For Slim and Trim With These Limoges Boxes

Part of the magic of Limoges boxes is their carefree, light hearted nature.  They can have a serious side to them, but also always make you feel at ease and charmed by how delightful they are. For example, this weighing scale Limoges box may evoke thoughts of weight loss and food management, but this French [...]

Cigar Limoges Boxes

Many men crave quality cigars … especially if accompanied by scotch or bourbon.¬† Quality cigars are produced in such countries as Cuba, Dominican Republic, Nicaragua, and Honduras. Cigar Limoges boxes make great gifts for men.¬† They have a spirit of class, professionalism, masculinity, and leisure. ¬†This Cigar Limoges box with an ashtray would be a [...]

Zoom In On These Limoges Boxes

Any lover of Limoges boxes can appreciate creativity and perspective.  These French porcelain art pieces capture little pieces of reality and shrink them down to an enchanting trinket box wonders.  The artists use complex methods of mixing and molding to achieve the shape of each Limoges, and bring in wonderfully vibrant hand-painted and fired color to [...]

Limoges Boxes For Your Pockets

It is a shame there are not many pocket watches around today.  With wrist-watches, cell phones, and computer task bars, these pocket sized time keepers are now not as needed as they once were.  Limoges boxes capture the beauty and nostalgia of these antiquated time pieces. Complete with hand-painted porcelain watch face, watch cover, and chain, these [...]

Brewing Up Some Limoges

  Many people cannot start their day without a morning coffee jolt. ¬† You can brew yourself a morning cup at home, stop for a one on the way to work, or grab some in your office break room.¬† Keeping you revved for a few hours, coffee drinkers rely on it sometimes more than once [...]

It’s a Small Limoges Box After All

April 22 has become a day where we officially celebrate our world.¬† This official informal holiday began on April 22, 1970, the result of one man’s conviction that there should be one day set aside to honor this place we all call home.¬† It is a day to renew our awareness of ways we can [...]

Limoges Boxes Unhinged

From the very beginning of Limoges box history, from its conception in Paris in the early 1700′s, the one feature that defines these porcelain trinket boxes is the hinge.¬† All authentic Limoges boxes have hinges that are expertly fastened to the specific design of each box.¬† Originally these closures were¬†made of metal, but today they [...]

A Visit to the Porcelain Museum in Limoges, France

If your travels take you to the central region in France, the city of Limoges will be one of the highlights of your visit. Limoges is an ancient city with many fascinating historical sites, beautiful architecture and award-winning parks.  Most of all, Limoges is famous for its Porcelain known by the same name, Limoges!   When [...]

VIDEO: French Limoges Boxes for Collectors & Gift-Buyers

This short video provides a great introduction to various styles of Limoges boxes as well as tips and other information. We welcome your comments.  If you are a Limoges collector or enthusiast, please feel free to share your comments.  All comments are moderated.

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