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Limoges Boxes For Vacation-Seekers

There are certain Limoges boxes that can transport you to a different time and place, evoking good feelings and wishes.  These French porcelain trinket boxes, catering to all different tastes and interests, cover a wide variety of items in our everyday life.   They can make us think about good times, things we have accomplished, people we [...]

A Perfect Pairing of Limoges Boxes

France is held in high regard for its wine and also its cheese.  And what a lovely combination they make!    You can find wine from any of the fifteen vino-producing French regions, and you will never have a lack of it, as they produce 7–8 billion bottles per year.   And the cheese — from 350 to 400 [...]

VIDEO: Norman Rockwell “Triple Self-Portrait” Ltd. Ed. Collectible Limoges Box Set

Watch a short video about one of Norman Rockwell’s most famous creations, his own “Triple Self-Portrait”. The video also introduces this magnificent work as a collectible French Limoges box. We welcome your comments.  If you are a Limoges collector or enthusiast, please feel free to share your comments.  All comments are moderated.

Do You Collect French Limoges Boxes?

Are you among those who are fascinated by art and beauty?  Does the miniature artistry of Limoges capture your fancy?   You are not alone!  There are countless collectors and Limoges enthusiast collecting and admiring this magnificent art form today. We would love to hear how you first become interested in this beautiful art form? Perhaps [...]

Are you a Jane Austen Fan?

I grew up reading Jane Austen.  As soon as I started, I found myself hooked … the more I read her books, the more I came to love love her and many of her characters.  Then I started watching the movies made of her books, first to enjoy and then to see how well they [...]

Do You Collect French Limoges Boxes?

If you own 1 or more French Limoges boxes, you are considered a collector. Limoges boxes are made in numerous themes to appeal to every taste and for every occasion. Once you start a collection of these beautiful works of art, you will be coming back for more! If you like Limoges boxes and/or like [...]

VIDEO with 7 Essential Tips on Buying Limoges Boxes

For those who love, appreciate and collect French Limoges boxes, authenticity and artistry matter immensely. Limoges Box collectors always look for new styles and designs. In recent times, fake trinket boxes are found everywhere so Limoges collectors have to ensure that the porcelain boxes they are purchasing are authentic and have been entirely produced in [...]

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