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Limoges Boxes For Vacation-Seekers

There are certain Limoges boxes that can transport you to a different time and place, evoking good feelings and wishes.  These French porcelain trinket boxes, catering to all different tastes and interests, cover a wide variety of items in our everyday life.   They can make us think about good times, things we have accomplished, people we [...]

A Perfect Pairing of Limoges Boxes

France is held in high regard for its wine and also its cheese.  And what a lovely combination they make!    You can find wine from any of the fifteen vino-producing French regions, and you will never have a lack of it, as they produce 7–8 billion bottles per year.   And the cheese — from 350 to 400 [...]

Hand-Painted French Limoges Porcelain Jewelry ~ Exquisite!!!

Do you like unusual jewelry that stands out from the rest?  Then you should check out the new line of French Limoges Jewelry by Beauchamp Limoges now offered exclusively at  The collection includes many beautiful designs from traditional to modern. For example, the 24K Gold Heart with Roses is a magnificent pendant necklace that [...]

Limoges Tips – Are All Porcelain Limoges Boxes Hand-Painted?

  Did You Know that the phrase “Peint Main” at the base of a Limoges box means that the porcelain is hand-painted?  Various colors can be applied by brush on white porcelain – the result depends on how talented and experienced the artist is.   Limoges boxes can also be decorated partially or entirely with [...]

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