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Barbie Limoges Boxes

The creation of the Barbie doll began a permanent love affair with the brand.  Barbie, with her vast wardrobe, plethora of vehicles, and handsome second half, Ken, has an envious lifestyle.   Barbie Limoges boxes exude the timelessness of the famous doll and make a great gift for any Barbie fan or lover of fashion icons.



The Limoges Barbie collectibles showcase¬†some of the¬†many accessorites available in Barbies’s world.¬† Evoking a 1950′s style, the Limoges record player, fashion portfolio, and hat box¬†have vintage allure and fall beautifully in line with the spirit of the original¬†time¬†of production.



Little and big girls alike love the fun, fashion, and familiarity that Barbie encompasses.  Most girls grew up with Barbie dolls and many even collect the dolls and accessories.  Add to your own Barbie collection with these timeless Limoges boxes that will be lovely in your home or as a gift.   These proud pieces of Barbie history feel as near as yesterday, even though Barbie is actually 53 years old.

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