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Go For Slim and Trim With These Limoges Boxes

Part of the magic of Limoges boxes is their carefree, light hearted nature.  They can have a serious side to them, but also always make you feel at ease and charmed by how delightful they are.

For example, this weighing scale Limoges box may evoke thoughts of weight loss and food management, but this French porcelain scale makes light of the thought of weight.  It turns the typically nerve-wracking scale into something darling and laughable.

Showing a porcelain hot dog, hamburger and cream puff, this weight loss Limoges box is a great piece to add to collection of trinket boxes that remind us of home life.

If you know anyone who tends to watch their weight or is trimming down for a special occasion, this is a cute collectible piece to remind them to take it easy  and find joy in a little piece of Limoges fun.


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