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Cigar Limoges Boxes

Many men crave quality cigars … especially if accompanied by scotch or bourbon.¬† Quality cigars are produced in such countries as Cuba, Dominican Republic, Nicaragua, and Honduras.

Cigar Limoges boxes make great gifts for men.  They have a spirit of class, professionalism, masculinity, and leisure.

 This Cigar Limoges box with an ashtray would be a great conversation piece for the desk in your work or home office.

Cigars date back to the days of Columbus.  They are made from rolled tobacco leaves, and the process of making these rolled delights is a long one, as the leaves must be harvested, cured, and fermented before being filled.  To achieve variety of flavor, some tobaccos from various areas are combined.

This Limoges box reflects the wooden boxes that cigars are typically stored in to maintain their flavor and prevent them from drying out.

Take a closer look at these French porcelain cigars at



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