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Wonder(land)ful Limoges boxes

Lewis Caroll’s most popular story comes alive again and again through the various feature film interpretations of the classic story.¬† Generation to generation has been enamored by Alice’s tale with all its queer delights and intriguing fantasy. has a lovely Alice in Wonderland Limoges boxes, including Alice herself, a red toadstool mushroom, and the White Rabbit.

Alice wears her blue dress with white apron, the clothes she donned from the moment she dream-traveled down the rabbit hole, and¬†throughout the twist and turns of Wonderland life.¬† She holds that famous bottle tagged “drink me”.

This Alice Limoges box is a lovely representation of Carroll’s lead character with all her youth, imagination, and sense of curiosity.¬† Alice is a character many can relate to, and everyone she meets in her wonderland journey is a memorable fantasy — from the White Rabbit, to the Mad Hatter, and the Queen of Hearts.¬† These characters are a mix of craziness, power, magic, and twisting personality.

This Lewis Carroll/Alice in Wonderland Limoges box collection is a wonderful addition to the literary greats represented at  Alice is a beautiful icon and would look great displayed anywhere, especially on a bookshelf next to the novel that bears her name!


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