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Limoges Boxes For Your Pockets

It is a shame there are not many pocket watches around today.  With wrist-watches, cell phones, and computer task bars, these pocket sized time keepers are now not as needed as they once were.  Limoges boxes capture the beauty and nostalgia of these antiquated time pieces.
Complete with hand-painted porcelain watch face, watch cover, and chain, these Pocketwatch Limoges boxes are delightfully fun.
Pocketwatch Limoges boxes are romantically reminsicent of those days when gentlemen would pull their time piece from their front vest pocket and consult the time as they went about their busy day.
Disney fans will love this unique and impressive hand-painted French Limoges box.
These Limoges beauties, like so many of the French porcelain masterpieces, exhibit a spirit of class and elegance.  These pocket watch Limoges can be a great gift for a gentleman in your life, as they have a dignified air of masculinity and style.
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