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Rediscover Egypt with Limoges Boxes

The ancient Egyptians left behind many incredible materials for future generations to marvel at.  The pyramids, being among the wonders of the world, are incredible testiment to the resourcefulness and genius of this civilization.  The pyramids were constructed of thousands of blocks, each block weighing about two tons.  Today, people travel far and wide to view these majestic constructions that have great beauty and remarkable permanence.  Pyramid Limoges boxes, like the one below, are tribute to the iconic greatness of Egyptian art.


Pyramid Limoges boxes open up to reveal hand-painted Egyptian symbol inscriptions like the ancient hieroglyphics

 When studying Egyption art and culture you will find many tombs and objects of funerary art.  Death was an overridding preoccupation for the Egyptionas, who made every possible effort to protect and preserve tehir mortal remains in the expectation of rebirth to eternal life.  As it turns out, their memory has survived over the centruies and in that sense they have achieved a certain immortality.  Sarcophagus Limoges boxes are beautifully hand painted to reflect the detailed artistry of the ancients.


 Egyptian Limoges Boxes, like this Sarcophagus and mummy collectible, are highly detailed down to the Egyptian bust clasp.

Egyptians managed to create a highly diversified range of crafts.  It is to these crafts that we owe the most precious and vivid records of day to day existence in Egypt.  The Egyptians also left behind large quantities of scultped and painted images of their activites with go beyond the strict conventions regulating funerary and religious art and show us what their lives were really like.

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