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Penguin Limoges Boxes

Penguins are unique birds that swim rather than fly.  Living mostly in cold seas in the far south of the world, penguins spend most of their lives in water and flock together in enormous groups. has beautiful penguin Limoges boxes that are a wonderful treat for penguin lovers.

This Limoges box is the king penguin , easy to recognize by the bright yellow and orange plumage on the head and neck

There are seventeen different types of penguins, but all of them have wing arms that are like dolphin flippers, which are excellent for swimming.  Like all birds, peguins have feathers that keep them warm, and penguin bodies produce oil that is spread about their feathers to make them water proof.   These Limoges boxes show penguins standing completely upright on their two feet as they shuffle about on land.  These remarkable creatures can walk, slide and swim, and leap as they enjoy life in and out of the water.

Penguin Limoges boxes are adorned with golden fish clasps, a tasty penguin snack

Penguin parents spend many months working hard to care for their chicks.  When they are born, babies have fluffy feathers that are warm but not yet waterproof, so they stay out of the water until they are eight or nine months.  Until their baby feathers have molten, they rely on and bond with their mother.  Precious penguin Limoges boxes like the one above are a precious display of that bonding period.

Penguins are amazing animals, and if you are a penguin lover, these Limoges boxes are wonderful display items to treasure and admire.


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