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Be Bamboo-zled By These Limoges Boxes

Bamboo is quite an impressive plant Рit is durable, beautiful, and stable.   Growing fast and high, bamboo can grow as much as 4 feet in 24 hourse, and up to 100 feet high.   Its speedy regeneration allows for it to be frequently used to build fencing, bridges, ladders, cooking vessels, instruments, as well as serving as a delicious food  source for humans and hungry panda bears.

This adorable panda bear Limoges box showcases some relaxed, post-feast rest and relaxation amongst the bamboo leaves.

Bamboo Limoges boxes are a lovely addition to the gardening and flower selection available at  Talented artists capture the details of the distinct structure of these plants, as well as their bright green color.  This Limoges below shows a beautifully maintained bamboo house plant, a portable indoor version of the wild growing bamboo plant.

Abounding in charm and visual interest, this potted bamboo Limoges is a plant lovers’ delight

Limoges boxes are a special investment that pay you back every day with color and sentimentality.¬† A splash of vivacity as well as a reflection of personality and taste, these porcelain collectors’ items inspire and entertain.¬† Bamboo Limoges boxes highlight the symbol of longevity, wisdom and strength¬†that¬†bamboo has come to be, and with the touch of exquisiteness and value that Limoges boxes ¬†alone are well known for, you have yourself your¬†own piece of tangible¬†perfection.

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