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Angelic Limoges Boxes

Angels have always been a symbol of protection, peach, and purity.  Their likesness is often seen in paintings, churches, and is used in holiday decor.  There is a hierarchy of angels, and cherubs are noted to be celestial beings close to heaven credited with being the eight of the nine orders in this group. has a beautiful collection of angel and cherub Limoges boxes.  These are lovely pieces for those who enjoy angel art work to display in their home, and are wonderful additions to add to your seasonal Christmas holiday decor.

Cherubs are regarded as angel babies and children, and cherub art is often seen in gardens, on fountains, urns, and wall decor.   These pudgy little beings are closely associated with the seasons and nature, and their presence is revered as it provides inspiration as outdoor or indoor decor.   You can display your cherub Limoges boxes on your mantel, side table, dresser, armoire, or as a table centerpiece.  These adorable French porcelain trinket boxes are sweet, calming collectible pieces to own or share.

Like in much of the Gothic and Baroque decor, these Limoges cherubs are lavishly and articulately depicted with innocent and heavenly charm.  They highlight all the happiness and simplicity of children, while adding a touch of sheer heaven.

Visit for a glorious selection of angel and cherub collecible accents to brighten your home.



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