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Perfect Limoges Boxes For Father’s Day

Father’s Day is Sunday, June 17th, and is a perfect place to start looking for that special gift for dad this year.  You can find many themes that all dad’s enjoy, as well as many Limoges boxes that are specific to your dad’s individual taste.

Does your dad like to ski?  Is he into politics?  Does he enjoy a good game of chess?  Have a look at our selection of hand-painted French Limoges boxes and you will be surprised how many splendid options you will find to make this Father’s day gift one to remember.


If your dad is nearing retirement, or has recently retired, you can find a Limoges box that relates to any of the activities he will now have plenty of time for.  Traveling might finally enter his agenda, as well as fishing or golf.  He will love Limoges boxes that serve as an inspiration and reward for completing his working years and reaping the fruits of a leisurely life-style.

Perhaps your father wants to take on the popular task of creating his own “man cave”.  Limoges boxes like a pinball machine, or a guitar, or even a pizza box, are whimsically inspirational items that could serve as the first pieces of decor for his completed sanctuary.

Get dad a fun, unique, and memorable gift this year, and spread the joy that Father’s Day Limoges boxes so magically bring.


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