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Upping The Ante With Limoges Boxes

Poker is one of the most popular card games of all time.  This challenging and addicting activity is played in casinos, tournaments, on the internet, and many even host their own poker nights in their homes.   The internet and TV have certainly fueled a recent poker explosion, as many are beginning to study this game for all its compelling and tantalizing offerings.

This poker Limoges box shows the desirable hand of a Royal Flush, and comes with a porcelain Ace card that fits inside.

There are a large variety of poker games, the four general groupings being draw poker (including Five-Card draw and Lowball), Texas Hold ‘em (which is the most popular of the games, played by millions around the world), stud poker (such as Seven-Card stud and Five- Card stud), and Omaha.  These versions all revolve around the same principle — the player with the best five-card hand,wins.

These High Card Limoges boxes are artfully and colorfully hand-painted with great detail, and are adorned with ornate clasps in the shape of a heart.

Success at poker is all about strategy.   You must be able to read other players, tune into the reasoning behind everyone else’s moves, read their body language, and manage your own.  Luck is certainly a factor, but skill is key if you want to win consistently.   Many people believe they can increase their chances of winning by bringing along “lucky charms”, such as a rabbit’s foot, charm bracelet, and even lucky underpants.  These Limoges boxes, being designed in the spirit of the game, could just be your next catalyst for a big win!

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