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It’s a Small Limoges Box After All

April 22 has become a day where we officially celebrate our world.¬† This official informal holiday began on April 22, 1970, the result of one man’s conviction that there should be one day set aside to honor this place we all call home.¬† It is a day to renew our awareness of ways we can better contribute to our world’s health and cleanliness, and raise consciousness of behaviors that may be harmful to our land and air.

With these Earth Limoges boxes you can take a close look at the¬† beautiful craftsmanship of our world’s beauty, while caring for it in the palm of your hand

Relatively recent technology has grown to create various ways for people to save energy.  Hybrid vehicles, windmills, solar panels, and digital machinery are are examples of cutting out wasteful energy sources and using natural energy.   There have been many positive habits formed recently that have taken mass adoption such as recyclable shopping bags, paperless online banking, and carpooling or public transportation.   Every decision we make in our daily routines can probably be tweaked a little to decrease waste and positively effect our world.

Limoges boxes are comprised of earth-friendly material themselves, their source being the natural, fine, pure white clay, kaolin.  This material is made up mainly metal oxides, feldspar and quartz.  Using what the earth naturally provides for us is one main message of earth day, and Limoges boxes have been right on track since the 1700s.

Earth Limoges boxes are an excellent collector’s piece to add to a special day assortment.¬† Plus, if caring for the whole earth seems too daunting,¬† owing your own little world makes the maintenance issue very easy to accomplish.

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