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Limoges Boxes Unhinged

From the very beginning of Limoges box history, from its conception in Paris in the early 1700′s, the one feature that defines these porcelain trinket boxes is the hinge.¬† All authentic Limoges boxes have hinges that are expertly fastened to the specific design of each box.¬† Originally these closures were¬†made of metal, but today they are made of sturdy¬†copper or a copper alloy.¬† True Limoges boxes ¬†do not have magnetic closures like some copies out there.

The hinges are beautiful in and of themselves, providing a textured golden touch of elegance along the rim of the opening, but another impressive feature of this design is the  clasp  that can vary from box to box.  This adds a decorative touch to the piece and often compliments the genre of the Limoges box itself.

The clasp of Baseball glove Limoges boxes continue the theme of the piece and compliment the design

Due to the fact that Limoges firing diminishes the boxes from their original production size, these hinges must be attached by the hand of the Limoges artisans in order to match the hinge to fit each box after it is out of the kiln process.   This means that each hinge is unique, custom fitted, and original to each Limoges box.

Limoges boxes are not only available with a single-hinge feature, but can come in double, triple, and even quadruple hinges!    These lovely additional divisions make you feel like a child again as you are filled with eagerness to open up each segment to take a peek inside.  Just make sure to do so carefully, as these fastenings are fragile and must be opened delicately.

These 4-hinged Limoges boxes come with your very own key to the village! 

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