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A Perfect Pairing of Limoges Boxes

France is held in high regard for its wine and also its cheese.¬† And what a lovely combination they make!¬†¬†¬†¬†You can find wine from¬†any of the fifteen vino-producing French regions, and you will never have a lack of it, as they produce 7‚Äď8 billion bottles per year.¬†¬† And the cheese — from 350 to 400 distinct types of French cheese, you can have quite a enjoyable time finding your favorite wine-cheese pairing.

Limoges Boxes are available in many wine varities such as Bordeaux, Chianti, and Champagne.

Here are some things to keep in mind while you are craving some quiet time with a good bottle of wine and a delicious chunk of cheese:

Harder cheeses go best with drier wines.

Creamy cheese go best with more acidic wines.

Salty cheese go best with sweet wines.

So, if you are thinking about Gouda or Parmesan, you may want to grab a bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon.  Or if you are more of a mozarella lover, you can go with Chianti.  Provolone goes great with Chardonnay, and if you are celebrating a special occasion with bottles of Champagne, make sure to serve some colby cheese along with it.

The artisans of French Limoges Boxes know best — this is a great set up for how you should go about discovering your favorite pairings.

Combining wine and cheese is certainly not an exact science, so just try what you like and see what satisfies your individual palette most perfectly.    If you are planning a trip to France, while you are on the veranda with your plate of pasta and some cheesy French bread, your waiter can provide you with some excellent suggestions for which wine might be best with your meal.

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