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A Visit to the Porcelain Museum in Limoges, France

If your travels take you to the central region in France, the city of Limoges will be one of the highlights of your visit.

Limoges is an ancient city with many fascinating historical sites, beautiful architecture and award-winning parks.  Most of all, Limoges is famous for its Porcelain known by the same name, Limoges!   When visiting Limoges, the Porcelain Museum in the center of town is a must-see.

The National Museum of Porcelain in Limoges possesses the richest collection of Limoges porcelain in the world, and provides a complete picture of its development from earliest experiments to contemporary productions.

The discovery of china clay (kaolin) and petuntse deposits at Saint-Yrieix not far from Limoges sparked off local manufacture of fine porcelain ware in 1771, becoming a major industry during the XIXth century and the area remaining the principal centre of production in France today.

Opened in 1900, the museum is named after one of its early directors and most generous benefactors, Adrien Dubouche.  The museum displays over 12, 000 items illustrating the history of glassmaking and ceramics (terracotta, glazed earthenware, stoneware and porcelain) from ancient to present times.

The artistry of Limoges is truly captivating.  Today, there are artisans producing beautiful works of art with the same level of artistry and beauty for collectors and art enthusiasts to purchase.

Of course, one of the greatest points of fame for Limoges is the porcelain Limoges hinged boxes produced in the region.  At, we are proud to offer an extensive selection of French Limoges boxes, imported directly from Limoges, France.  Our selection consists of the very best Limoges has to offer.  Each Limoges box we offer is made by the top artisans in Limoges, adhering to the ancient tradition of Limoges craftsmanship and painting.

Pig Collectors’ Delight – Pig Limoges Boxes

Are you a PIG COLLECTOR or know someone who is? I am always happy to hear stories of how people started their collections. My favorite story is about one collector who initially received a pig collectible as a joke. Her friends and relatives thought she liked pigs, so every holiday and special occasion, she received more pig items – she now has a very large collection. I think, at this point, she is considered a true “pig collector”!

For those who like, admire, love or are avid pig collectors, offers some adorable pig Limoges boxes.

Rare & Retired Miss Piggy in Bubble Bath Limoges Box

One of my favorites is the very RARE and retired Muppet Show’s¬† “Miss Piggy in Bubble Bath” Limoges box.

In the same Bubble Bath theme, is this adorable Limoges box with two pigs splashing away in a gold bathtub.

Pigs Bubble Bath Limoges Box by Beauchamp

Pig Chef Restaurant Menu Board (Beauchamp)<br />
Limoges Box

This is a very common item in front of many restaurants in France:  a Pig Chef holding up a Menu featuring the special cuisine of the day.  It is a fantastic Limoges box for any Pig collector or Limoges collector.

Pig with Flying Pig Limoges Box by<br />

This one is a MUST-HAVE for any Pig Collector.  This Limoges box portrays a fat Pink Pig among the leaves.     Theis outstanding French Limoges features magnificent hand-painting inside and out.

Pig with Flying Pig Limoges Box by<br />

And then, there is the PIG FAMILY.  This is a true delight for any Pig collector!  The FAMILY collection of Limoges boxes is retired and quite hard-to-find, especially the complete family together.

The Pig Family (Mom, Pop, Girl & Boy)<br />
Limoges Box

I hope you have enjoyed the various collectible Pig Limoges boxes we have featured in this blog.  Please take a moment to visit the Animals section of our website to see these and many other animal collectibles.

As always, we welcome your comments.

VIDEO: Norman Rockwell “Triple Self-Portrait” Ltd. Ed. Collectible Limoges Box Set

Watch a short video about one of Norman Rockwell’s most famous creations, his own “Triple Self-Portrait”. The video also introduces this magnificent work as a collectible French Limoges box.

We welcome your comments.  If you are a Limoges collector or enthusiast, please feel free to share your comments.  All comments are moderated.

VIDEO: French Limoges Boxes for Collectors & Gift-Buyers

This short video provides a great introduction to various styles of Limoges boxes as well as tips and other information.

We welcome your comments.  If you are a Limoges collector or enthusiast, please feel free to share your comments.  All comments are moderated.

A Rare & Fantastic Movie Icon Charlie Chaplin Collectible

Charlie Chaplin is considered to be one of the most pivotal stars of the early days of Hollywood.¬†¬† He is most recognized as an icon of the silent film era, often associated with his popular “Little Tramp” character; the man with the toothbrush mustache, bowler hat, bamboo cane, and a funny walk.

Charlie Chaplin Collectible Limoges Box by Beauchamp
Collectible Charlie Chaplin Limoges Box by Beauchamp Limoges

Of great interest to collectors of items of the early Hollywood era as well as Charlie Chaplin memorabilia, is a fantastic French porcelain Charlie Chaplin Limoges box.  The figurine stands 5 inches high and portrays the Hollywood icon in his famous tramp outfit with the bowed bamboo cane.

I still find his films very interesting and quite funny – especially Modern Times!

Do you have any Charlie Chaplin favorites?

We welcome your comments.  If you are a Charlie Chaplin fan, like classic or silent era movies, or are a Limoges collector or enthusiast, please feel free to share your comments.  All comments are moderated.

Do You Collect French Limoges Boxes?

Are you among those who are fascinated by art and beauty?  Does the miniature artistry of Limoges capture your fancy?   You are not alone!  There are countless collectors and Limoges enthusiast collecting and admiring this magnificent art form today.

We would love to hear how you first become interested in this beautiful art form? Perhaps you were introduced to Limoges porcelain boxes by a friend or saw it in a specialty or antique shop.

Gold Egg w/ Butterfly Limoges Box by Beauchamp
24K Gold Egg with Hand-Painted Butterflies Limoges Box by Beauchamp Limoges

Some people collect Roosters and farm animals, some collect Musical Instruments, some Christmas-related Limoges boxes. The possibilities are endless. What is your favorite theme?

Share about your favorite Limoges box or the theme. Even if you have a very small collection or even just one, feel free to share.

Colorful Farm Rooster (Beauchamp) Limoges Box
Colorful Rooster Limoges Box by Beauchamp Limoges

We welcome your comments.  If you are a Limoges collector or enthusiast, please feel free to share your comments.  All comments are moderated.

Are you a Jane Austen Fan?

I grew up reading Jane Austen.¬† As soon as I started, I found myself hooked … the more I read her books, the more I came to love love her and many of her characters.¬† Then I started watching the movies made of her books, first to enjoy and then to see how well they realized her stories.¬† I must admit, I have learned so much from Austen’s characters (of course the good ones).¬† My absolute favorite is Elizabeth Bennet!

As a die-hard Austen fan, I have always been interested in any Jane Austen collectibles and own several beautiful pieces.   I am very happy to see that Beauchamp Limoges is now offering Jane Austen French Limoges collectibles, made in Limoges, France.  This is doubly special as these items are both collectible because they are genuine Limoges as well as being a treasure to any Jane Austen collector.

Beauchamp Limoges is also in the process of adding a collection of Jane Austen Jewelry to their new exquisite Limoges Jewelry line.  The jewelry is both beautiful and collectible because it is made of fine Limoges porcelain and hand-painted by the most talented artists in Limoges, France as well as being of great interest to any Jane Austen fan as a collectible.

Jane Austen Cameo Limoges Pendant by<br />

This beautiful Pendant Necklace is made of French Limoges porcelain.  It is entirely hand-painted with the famous Jane Austen cameo against a background of hand-written letter.  It also bears the signature of Jane Austen!  Of course, Jane herself did not sign this but, I must say, it is a great resemblance!  I am sure every Janeite will be delighted to own this exceptional work of art.    You can purchase this necklace by clicking HERE.

If you are interested in Jane Austen collectibles and want to be notified when new pieces are added to our collection, please visit and sign-up to be added to our mailing list and/or visit LimogesBoxCollector’s Facebook page and “like” the page.¬† Either way you will be among the first to hear about the new-arrival Jane Austen Collectibles and Jewelry.

Book Shelf Jane Austen Emily Bronte<br />
(Beauchamp) Limoges Box

This exquisite Limoges box by Beauchamp Limoges represents a Bookshelf with books by Jane Austen and Emily Bronte.  A great collectible for any Jane Austen fan!  It is currently offered by

Visit our Jane Austen Section at to see the outstanding Jane Austen Limoges box collectibles and the outstanding Limoges Jewelry Collection by Beauchamp.

We welcome your comments.  If you are a Jane Austen fan, a true Janeite, or a Limoges collector or enthusiast, please feel free to share your comments.  All comments are moderated.

Hand-Painted French Limoges Porcelain Jewelry ~ Exquisite!!!

Do you like unusual jewelry that stands out from the rest?  Then you should check out the new line of French Limoges Jewelry by Beauchamp Limoges now offered exclusively at  The collection includes many beautiful designs from traditional to modern.

For example, the 24K Gold Heart with Roses is a magnificent pendant necklace that is both art and jewelry!  This exquisite Limoges is completely hand-painted by a French master artist.  The porcelain is embellished with authentic Vermeil Gold components and chain to offer a fantastic, high-end piece of jewelry to stand out from the rest!  The matching earrings are also offered.

Gold Heart w/ Roses Pendant Limoges Jewelry<br />
by Beauchamp

24K Gold Heart with Roses Pendant Necklace by Beauchamp Limoges at www.LimogesBoxCollector

Gold Heart w/ Roses Pendant Limoges Jewelry<br />
by Beauchamp

Visit the Jewelry section of our website to see the outstanding Limoges Jewelry Collection by Beauchamp.

Do you like Limoges jewelry?  Feel free to share your comments with us.

We welcome your comments.  If you like Limoges jewelry, please feel free to share your comments.  All comments are moderated.

Sudoku Puzzle – Collectible French Limoges Box

The sudoku puzzle is captivating and has become of the most favorite puzzles!¬† This numbers puzzle stimulates the mind and is said to help with memory retention.¬† The object of the puzzle is to insert the numbers in the boxes to satisfy only one condition: each row, column and 3×3 box must contain the digits 1 through 9 exactly once.

If you are one of those who love this puzzle, you would love the collectible Sudoku French Limoges box by Beauchamp Limoges.  The Limoges is made of the famous French Limoges porcelain and is hand-painted and hand-hinged.  Makes a fantastic conversation piece!

Sudoku Puzzle Limoges Box by BeauchampSudoku Puzzle Collectible Limoges Box by Beauchamp Limoges

This outstanding Sudoku Puzzle Limoges box is made of fine pure white French porcelain.   It is hand-crafted and hand-painted by French artisans in Limoges, France.  The Limoges includes a porcelain red pencil on top.  Inside, is the solved puzzle.

Do you like Sudoku puzzles?  Let us know what you think about this wonderful collectible by commenting on this blog.

We welcome your comments.  If you are a porcelain Limoges collector or enthusiast or just enjoy the Sudoku puzzles, please feel free to share your comments.  All comments are moderated.

Limoges Tips – Are All Porcelain Limoges Boxes Hand-Painted?


Did You Know that the phrase “Peint Main” at the base of a Limoges box means that the porcelain is hand-painted?¬† Various colors can be applied by brush on white porcelain – the result depends on how talented and experienced the artist is. ¬† Limoges boxes can also be decorated partially or entirely with decals (transfers).¬† Usually, decals are used when a famous art image is used in decorating a Limoges.¬† In this case, the decal is the center image and the rest of the Limoges has brush strokes of various designs to enhance the decoration.¬† The insignia of such a Limoges box will reflect that the Limoges is enhanced by hand or “Rehausee Main”.

We welcome your comments.  If you are a Limoges collector or enthusiast, please feel free to share your comments.  All comments are moderated.

Do You Collect French Limoges Boxes?

If you own 1 or more French Limoges boxes, you are considered a collector. Limoges boxes are made in numerous themes to appeal to every taste and for every occasion. Once you start a collection of these beautiful works of art, you will be coming back for more!

24K Gold Grand Piano w/ Roses (Beauchamp)<br />
Limoges Box

If you like Limoges boxes and/or like to collect these beautiful art pieces, we would love to hear your comments. 

We welcome your comments.  If you are a Limoges collector or enthusiast, please feel free to share your comments.  All comments are moderated.

VIDEO with 7 Essential Tips on Buying Limoges Boxes

For those who love, appreciate and collect French Limoges boxes, authenticity and artistry matter immensely. Limoges Box collectors always look for new styles and designs. In recent times, fake trinket boxes are found everywhere so Limoges collectors have to ensure that the porcelain boxes they are purchasing are authentic and have been entirely produced in Limoges, France.

This video provides 7 Essential Tips and important factors that can help when making a decision to purchase French Limoges.

We welcome your comments.  If you are a Limoges collector or enthusiast, please feel free to share your comments.  All comments are moderated.

San Francisco, the perfect theme for Collectible Limoges Boxes

San Francisco, with its colorful row houses, trolley cars and the Golden-Gate Bridge makes this west coast travel destination an ideal theme for collectible Limoges boxes.

The rich history of San Francisco includes the 1848 gold-rush, during which time the population of San Francisco increased almost overnight from 1,000 to 25,000!

After World War II, San Francisco became the main port of embarkation of the returning servicemen as well as massive immigration from the far east.

Today, San Francisco Bay Area has become a large metropolitan area and a cultural and financial center.  As part of the Bay Area, Napa Valley is now famous for its excellent selection of wines.

San Francisco Street Limoges Box by  Beauchamp

 This outstanding Limoges box captures the essence of San Francisco.  The Limoges presents a steep street with the attractive row of colorful houses.  At the top of the street there is a red cable car.  The Limoges is hand-painted with images of the Golden-Gate Bridge and at the back, the San Francisco cityscape.  To complete the scene, the clasp is a Sail Boat, a perfect fit for the San Francisco bay!

San Francisco Torlley Cable Car Limoges Box  by Beauchamp


The RED CABLE CAR has become a San Francisco icon. The famous Cable Car Trolley was the perfect solution for the steep and slippery San Francisco cobble-stone streets in its early days. Now, the cable car is used both for transportation as well as a great way to enjoy the city’s views.

This charming Limoges box by Beauchamp Limoges fully captures the San Francisco Cable Car Trolley.San Francisco Golden Gate Bridge (Beauchamp) Limoges Box

San Francisco Golden Gate Bridge (Beauchamp) Limoges Box

The Golden Gate bridge is the perfect theme to model this exquisite Limoges box by Beauchamp Limoges. Inside the Limoges, is the San Francisco cityscape.

Napa Valley Wine Bottle Limoges Box by Beauchamp

The famous California Napa Valley is known for its wine.If you enjoy drinking wine or are an avid wine collector, Napa Valley wine is sure to be on your list.As part of its Wine Collection, Beaucahmp Limoges offers this outstanding Wine Bottle Limoges box to represent Napa Valley’s famous wines.

Collect all San Francisco icon Limoges boxes!   Visit our Travel & World section at today to view these outstanding hand-painted French Limoges boxes as well as hundreds of other styles.

If you enjoy this blog, please let us know by posting your comments.  We would love to hear from you!

We welcome your comments.  If you are a Limoges collector or enthusiast, please feel free to share your comments.  All comments are moderated.

Ladies Love SHOES, Collectors Love French Limoges Shoe Boxes!

Why is it that we all love shoes so much?  I keep finding myself complementing others about their shoes Рand who does not like to receive compliments?  So, it is not a surprise that Limoges collectors have to have a few styles of Limoges Shoe Boxes included in their collection Рand you can never have enough of them!

One very popular style for any shopper-at-heart is the Paris Shopping Spree Limoges Box by Beauchamp Limoges.¬† This exquisite Limoges box features a Shopping Bag with the Arc de Triomphe painted on it, the famous ‘Little Black Dress’ and, of course, a pair of Black Shoes!¬† This exquisite Limoges features an Eiffel Tower clasp.

Paris Shopping Dress Shoes (Beauchamp) Limoges Box

Another outstanding Limoges Box is the Bloomingdale’s Limoges Shoe Box with Two Pairs of Shoes.¬† This Limoges is in the shape of a Shoe Box with exquisite metal work.¬† Two pairs of shoes can be placed on the shoe rack atop the Limoges.

Bloomingdale's Shoe Box (Beauchamp) Limoges  Box

This Shoe Box is one of my favorites.  If you like Butterflies and Ladybugs, this box is magnificently hand-painted with highly-detailed Butterflies and Ladybugs on a 24K Gold base.  The clasp is an old-fashioned Victorian Shoe.  What a delight for any collector!

Shoe Box Butterfly Design (Beauchamp)  Limoges Box

Shoe Box Butterfly Design (Beauchamp)<br />
Limoges Box

We continually add new items to our website so check our various categories to find more Shoes, Fashion Accessories and Limoges boxes in numerous variety of themes.

We would love to hear what you think about these Limoges boxes … so, please add your comments!

We welcome your comments.  If you are a Limoges collector or enthusiast, please feel free to share your comments.  All comments are moderated.

What better way to say it than with a Heart Limoges Box!

Whether it is a gift for a friend, family member, engagement, wedding, anniversary, Valentine’s day, Mothers’ Day or just because … a Heart Limoges box can be the perfect gift to communicate your love and best wishes.¬† Heart Limoges boxes are among the most collected and beloved keepsakes.¬† Most Heart Limoges boxes are perfect for storing little treasures such as a lock of hair, baby tooth, a ring, etc.

Bride & Groom Wedding Heart Limoges Box<br />

Weddings and hearts and synonymous!  This exceptional heart-shaped Limoges box by Beauchamp Limoges makes a perfect wedding gift Рone to be cherished always.  The Limoges is beautifully hand-painted with an image of a bride & groom.  Two metal rings rest atop the box.   The clasp is two interlocking hearts.  Inside the box is hand-pained with the matching light blue hues with ample space to personalize this beautiful box to perfectly suit the occasion.

Blue Heart on Stand (Beauchamp) Limoges Box

This magnificent Limoges box is sure to please any Limoges collector!  The Limoges features beautiful pink roses hand-pained over a blue background with 24K Gold embellishments.  The box is adorned with a very ornate clasp in the shape of a heart over roses.  At the base, is a very intricate metal stand, holding the Limoges upright.  What a delightful gift for any occasion!

This majestic heart Limoges is covered with 24K Gold and is adorned with a magnificent hand-pained pansy.  Inside, is a beautiful hand-pained pansy bud.  The intricate metalwork hinges feature an interlocking heart clasp.


24K Gold Heart w/ Pansy (Beauchamp) Limoges<br />

24K Gold Heart w/ Pansy (Beauchamp) Limoges<br />

Traditional and enchanting!  A delightful heart-shaped Limoges with ribbons and flower design.  This beautiful Limoges features a ribbon bow painting at the reverse side and flowers painted inside.  A very charming gift for any occasion!

Heart with Ribbons & Roses Limoges Box<br />
by Beauchamp

Heart with Ribbons & Roses Limoges Box<br />
by Beauchamp

For these and many other Heart Limoges boxes, please visit our various Limoges box categories

Angel Limoges Boxes for Christmas & All Year!

One of the favorite items for Christmas is an Angel.  For the Nativity Scene, an Angel is a always a great addition.  Angels are also used for Holiday decor in various forms, alone or as a group.

For Limoges collectors, the Holiday season is a great time to display and show off these fantastic treasures.  There are numerous styles of Limoges boxes for the Holiday season.  Beauchamp Limoges is proud to offer several outstanding styles of Angels, for every taste and personal preference.

This exquisite Limoges box represents a Kneeling Angel with golden wings.   This very beautiful Angel is dressed in dark pink.  The wings and the base are covered with 24K Gold.  This Angel will make a crowning addition to any collection!

Angel Limoges Box by Beauchamp

This sweet little Angel is portrayed standing in the snow among Poinsettia flowers.

Angel w/ Poinsettias Limoges Box by  Beauchamp
Angel with Poinsettia Flowers by Beauchamp Limoges

Based upon the famous painting by Rafael, This adorable Angel (or Cherub) bust is portrayed with golden wings.  The Angel is resting on upon a golden base covered with 24K Gold.  Inside the Limoges is a painting of clouds.  The clasp is very similar to the porcelain angel as well.  What a fantastic Limoges to add to any collection!

Rafael's Cherub Angel on 24KGold (Beauchamp)  Limoges Box

Another delightful Angel Limoges box is this Kneeling Angel with large open wings.  The Angel is seated on a 24K Gold base, hand-painted with Holly designs.

Kneeling Angel w/ Holly Limoges Box by<br />

Kneeling Angel on Gold Base with Holly by Beauchamp Limoges

See these and other Angels and Cherubs in the Christmas section of our website

Limoges Tips – Colors used in Porcelain Limoges Boxes

Did You Know that with each color added, the Limoges porcelain has to be fired in the kiln?  Limoges boxes are hand-painted with beautiful designs in various colors.  The colors used are in powder form.  Powder is mixed with special oils and applied with a brush.  When gold is used, it is pure 24K Gold powder.   The more colors are used on the Limoges box, the more times it has to be fired in the kiln.  Each firing takes a few hours and the porcelain has to cool off for a few more hours before the next color is applied.  That is why the creation of the Limoges box is so labor-intensive.  The result, however, is a masterpiece Рone to be truly cherished!

Limoges boxes available in this website are also offered at our sister website

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