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Barbie Limoges Boxes

The creation of the Barbie doll began a permanent love affair with the brand.  Barbie, with her vast wardrobe, plethora of vehicles, and handsome second half, Ken, has an envious lifestyle.   Barbie Limoges boxes exude the timelessness of the famous doll and make a great gift for any Barbie fan or lover of fashion icons.



The Limoges Barbie collectibles showcase¬†some of the¬†many accessorites available in Barbies’s world.¬† Evoking a 1950′s style, the Limoges record player, fashion portfolio, and hat box¬†have vintage allure and fall beautifully in line with the spirit of the original¬†time¬†of production.



Little and big girls alike love the fun, fashion, and familiarity that Barbie encompasses.  Most girls grew up with Barbie dolls and many even collect the dolls and accessories.  Add to your own Barbie collection with these timeless Limoges boxes that will be lovely in your home or as a gift.   These proud pieces of Barbie history feel as near as yesterday, even though Barbie is actually 53 years old.

Go For Slim and Trim With These Limoges Boxes

Part of the magic of Limoges boxes is their carefree, light hearted nature.  They can have a serious side to them, but also always make you feel at ease and charmed by how delightful they are.

For example, this weighing scale Limoges box may evoke thoughts of weight loss and food management, but this French porcelain scale makes light of the thought of weight.  It turns the typically nerve-wracking scale into something darling and laughable.

Showing a porcelain hot dog, hamburger and cream puff, this weight loss Limoges box is a great piece to add to collection of trinket boxes that remind us of home life.

If you know anyone who tends to watch their weight or is trimming down for a special occasion, this is a cute collectible piece to remind them to take it easy  and find joy in a little piece of Limoges fun.


Cigar Limoges Boxes

Many men crave quality cigars … especially if accompanied by scotch or bourbon.¬† Quality cigars are produced in such countries as Cuba, Dominican Republic, Nicaragua, and Honduras.

Cigar Limoges boxes make great gifts for men.  They have a spirit of class, professionalism, masculinity, and leisure.

 This Cigar Limoges box with an ashtray would be a great conversation piece for the desk in your work or home office.

Cigars date back to the days of Columbus.  They are made from rolled tobacco leaves, and the process of making these rolled delights is a long one, as the leaves must be harvested, cured, and fermented before being filled.  To achieve variety of flavor, some tobaccos from various areas are combined.

This Limoges box reflects the wooden boxes that cigars are typically stored in to maintain their flavor and prevent them from drying out.

Take a closer look at these French porcelain cigars at



Wonder(land)ful Limoges boxes

Lewis Caroll’s most popular story comes alive again and again through the various feature film interpretations of the classic story.¬† Generation to generation has been enamored by Alice’s tale with all its queer delights and intriguing fantasy. has a lovely Alice in Wonderland Limoges boxes, including Alice herself, a red toadstool mushroom, and the White Rabbit.

Alice wears her blue dress with white apron, the clothes she donned from the moment she dream-traveled down the rabbit hole, and¬†throughout the twist and turns of Wonderland life.¬† She holds that famous bottle tagged “drink me”.

This Alice Limoges box is a lovely representation of Carroll’s lead character with all her youth, imagination, and sense of curiosity.¬† Alice is a character many can relate to, and everyone she meets in her wonderland journey is a memorable fantasy — from the White Rabbit, to the Mad Hatter, and the Queen of Hearts.¬† These characters are a mix of craziness, power, magic, and twisting personality.

This Lewis Carroll/Alice in Wonderland Limoges box collection is a wonderful addition to the literary greats represented at  Alice is a beautiful icon and would look great displayed anywhere, especially on a bookshelf next to the novel that bears her name!


Zoom In On These Limoges Boxes

Any lover of Limoges boxes can appreciate creativity and perspective.  These French porcelain art pieces capture little pieces of reality and shrink them down to an enchanting trinket box wonders.  The artists use complex methods of mixing and molding to achieve the shape of each Limoges, and bring in wonderfully vibrant hand-painted and fired color to make the pieces we know and love.

Just as we esteem these works of art for their charm and vivacity, photography is another avenue that has produced breath-taking and appealing art that we love to hold on to and display.  These Camera Limoges boxes not only capture the wonder of the artistic potential, but from piece to piece show how cameras have progressed through the years.   From 35mm film, flash bulbs, zoom lenses, to digital technology, cameras have versatility and appeal in their very core.

Amateurs and professionals alike can produce amazing photographic art work, taking masterful shots of their world and their interests.  These Limoges boxes are wonderful high-end gifts for photographers and camera lovers.

Enjoy life through lenses and shutters with these darling Camera limoges boxes available at



Limoges Boxes For Your Pockets

It is a shame there are not many pocket watches around today.  With wrist-watches, cell phones, and computer task bars, these pocket sized time keepers are now not as needed as they once were.  Limoges boxes capture the beauty and nostalgia of these antiquated time pieces.
Complete with hand-painted porcelain watch face, watch cover, and chain, these Pocketwatch Limoges boxes are delightfully fun.
Pocketwatch Limoges boxes are romantically reminsicent of those days when gentlemen would pull their time piece from their front vest pocket and consult the time as they went about their busy day.
Disney fans will love this unique and impressive hand-painted French Limoges box.
These Limoges beauties, like so many of the French porcelain masterpieces, exhibit a spirit of class and elegance.  These pocket watch Limoges can be a great gift for a gentleman in your life, as they have a dignified air of masculinity and style.

Limoges Boxes For A Happy Birthday

If you are looking for birthday Limoges boxes that will make someone’s special day memorable and filled with sweetness, visit¬† We carry a veritable plethora of excellent birthday trinket boxes that will complete any birthday celebration.¬† Most birthday Limoges are accompanied by precious porcelain trinkets that fit inside, such as presents, hearts, or cards.

Birthday Cupcake Limoges Boxes have the added charm of  a golden spoon clasp and a little birthday present that fits inside

Be the bearer of the most delightful gift at the next birthday you attend with these Limoges boxes that will be cherished for a life-time.

Birthday Card Limoges Boxes are wonderful high-end gifts to give to make this day special!   The French porcelain card may also be inscribed on the back with your own message for added personalization

Cakes, cupcakes, cards, balloons — has you covered.

Colorful balloons complete the sentiment behind this Birthday Cake Limoges Box


Rediscover Egypt with Limoges Boxes

The ancient Egyptians left behind many incredible materials for future generations to marvel at.  The pyramids, being among the wonders of the world, are incredible testiment to the resourcefulness and genius of this civilization.  The pyramids were constructed of thousands of blocks, each block weighing about two tons.  Today, people travel far and wide to view these majestic constructions that have great beauty and remarkable permanence.  Pyramid Limoges boxes, like the one below, are tribute to the iconic greatness of Egyptian art.


Pyramid Limoges boxes open up to reveal hand-painted Egyptian symbol inscriptions like the ancient hieroglyphics

 When studying Egyption art and culture you will find many tombs and objects of funerary art.  Death was an overridding preoccupation for the Egyptionas, who made every possible effort to protect and preserve tehir mortal remains in the expectation of rebirth to eternal life.  As it turns out, their memory has survived over the centruies and in that sense they have achieved a certain immortality.  Sarcophagus Limoges boxes are beautifully hand painted to reflect the detailed artistry of the ancients.


 Egyptian Limoges Boxes, like this Sarcophagus and mummy collectible, are highly detailed down to the Egyptian bust clasp.

Egyptians managed to create a highly diversified range of crafts.  It is to these crafts that we owe the most precious and vivid records of day to day existence in Egypt.  The Egyptians also left behind large quantities of scultped and painted images of their activites with go beyond the strict conventions regulating funerary and religious art and show us what their lives were really like.

Own a piece of the wonder with these French porcelain Egyptian trinket boxes, available exclusively from






Penguin Limoges Boxes

Penguins are unique birds that swim rather than fly.  Living mostly in cold seas in the far south of the world, penguins spend most of their lives in water and flock together in enormous groups. has beautiful penguin Limoges boxes that are a wonderful treat for penguin lovers.

This Limoges box is the king penguin , easy to recognize by the bright yellow and orange plumage on the head and neck

There are seventeen different types of penguins, but all of them have wing arms that are like dolphin flippers, which are excellent for swimming.  Like all birds, peguins have feathers that keep them warm, and penguin bodies produce oil that is spread about their feathers to make them water proof.   These Limoges boxes show penguins standing completely upright on their two feet as they shuffle about on land.  These remarkable creatures can walk, slide and swim, and leap as they enjoy life in and out of the water.

Penguin Limoges boxes are adorned with golden fish clasps, a tasty penguin snack

Penguin parents spend many months working hard to care for their chicks.  When they are born, babies have fluffy feathers that are warm but not yet waterproof, so they stay out of the water until they are eight or nine months.  Until their baby feathers have molten, they rely on and bond with their mother.  Precious penguin Limoges boxes like the one above are a precious display of that bonding period.

Penguins are amazing animals, and if you are a penguin lover, these Limoges boxes are wonderful display items to treasure and admire.


Be Bamboo-zled By These Limoges Boxes

Bamboo is quite an impressive plant Рit is durable, beautiful, and stable.   Growing fast and high, bamboo can grow as much as 4 feet in 24 hourse, and up to 100 feet high.   Its speedy regeneration allows for it to be frequently used to build fencing, bridges, ladders, cooking vessels, instruments, as well as serving as a delicious food  source for humans and hungry panda bears.

This adorable panda bear Limoges box showcases some relaxed, post-feast rest and relaxation amongst the bamboo leaves.

Bamboo Limoges boxes are a lovely addition to the gardening and flower selection available at  Talented artists capture the details of the distinct structure of these plants, as well as their bright green color.  This Limoges below shows a beautifully maintained bamboo house plant, a portable indoor version of the wild growing bamboo plant.

Abounding in charm and visual interest, this potted bamboo Limoges is a plant lovers’ delight

Limoges boxes are a special investment that pay you back every day with color and sentimentality.¬† A splash of vivacity as well as a reflection of personality and taste, these porcelain collectors’ items inspire and entertain.¬† Bamboo Limoges boxes highlight the symbol of longevity, wisdom and strength¬†that¬†bamboo has come to be, and with the touch of exquisiteness and value that Limoges boxes ¬†alone are well known for, you have yourself your¬†own piece of tangible¬†perfection.

Angelic Limoges Boxes

Angels have always been a symbol of protection, peach, and purity.  Their likesness is often seen in paintings, churches, and is used in holiday decor.  There is a hierarchy of angels, and cherubs are noted to be celestial beings close to heaven credited with being the eight of the nine orders in this group. has a beautiful collection of angel and cherub Limoges boxes.  These are lovely pieces for those who enjoy angel art work to display in their home, and are wonderful additions to add to your seasonal Christmas holiday decor.

Cherubs are regarded as angel babies and children, and cherub art is often seen in gardens, on fountains, urns, and wall decor.   These pudgy little beings are closely associated with the seasons and nature, and their presence is revered as it provides inspiration as outdoor or indoor decor.   You can display your cherub Limoges boxes on your mantel, side table, dresser, armoire, or as a table centerpiece.  These adorable French porcelain trinket boxes are sweet, calming collectible pieces to own or share.

Like in much of the Gothic and Baroque decor, these Limoges cherubs are lavishly and articulately depicted with innocent and heavenly charm.  They highlight all the happiness and simplicity of children, while adding a touch of sheer heaven.

Visit for a glorious selection of angel and cherub collecible accents to brighten your home.



Brewing Up Some Limoges


Many people cannot start their day without a morning coffee jolt.   You can brew yourself a morning cup at home, stop for a one on the way to work, or grab some in your office break room.  Keeping you revved for a few hours, coffee drinkers rely on it sometimes more than once a day.

Hence the popularity of coffee shops, which can be found all over your city, having become quite the global phenomenon.  Whenever you need a pick-me-up, you always have seemingly limitless choices nearby.  Any time of the day, many people pop in to grab a cup with a friend to catch up with a good chat;  students enjoy the cafe atmosphere to get some classwork done;  many professionals schedule informal meetings or even interviews at local shops.    They are simply nice places to unwind and people watch while sipping a latte or two.  Limoges boxes tribute this long-standing daily tradition with many presentations of coffee. has a large selection of coffee Limoges boxes which are just as stimulating to our senses as the real deal.¬† You can find a French porcelain cappuccino machine, cups and saucers, or an coffee pots.¬† However you like to enjoy your daily dose, there is a variety of pieces to match your personal flavor.¬†¬† Whole beans, ground, espresso … how do you take your Limoges coffee?



Perfect Limoges Boxes For Father’s Day

Father’s Day is Sunday, June 17th, and is a perfect place to start looking for that special gift for dad this year.¬† You can find many themes that all dad’s enjoy, as well as many Limoges boxes that are specific to your dad’s individual taste.

Does your dad like to ski?¬† Is he into politics?¬† Does he enjoy a good game of chess?¬† Have a look at our selection of hand-painted French Limoges boxes and you will be surprised how many splendid options you will find to make this Father’s day gift one to remember.


If your dad is nearing retirement, or has recently retired, you can find a Limoges box that relates to any of the activities he will now have plenty of time for.  Traveling might finally enter his agenda, as well as fishing or golf.  He will love Limoges boxes that serve as an inspiration and reward for completing his working years and reaping the fruits of a leisurely life-style.

Perhaps your father wants to take on the popular task of creating his own “man cave”.¬† Limoges boxes like a pinball machine, or a guitar, or even a pizza box, are whimsically inspirational items that could serve as the first pieces of decor for his completed sanctuary.

Get dad a fun, unique, and memorable gift this year, and spread the joy that Father’s Day Limoges boxes so magically bring.


Upping The Ante With Limoges Boxes

Poker is one of the most popular card games of all time.  This challenging and addicting activity is played in casinos, tournaments, on the internet, and many even host their own poker nights in their homes.   The internet and TV have certainly fueled a recent poker explosion, as many are beginning to study this game for all its compelling and tantalizing offerings.

This poker Limoges box shows the desirable hand of a Royal Flush, and comes with a porcelain Ace card that fits inside.

There are a large variety of poker games, the four general groupings being draw poker (including Five-Card draw and Lowball), Texas Hold ‘em (which is the most popular of the games, played by millions around the world), stud poker (such as Seven-Card stud and Five- Card stud), and Omaha.¬† These versions all revolve around the same principle — the player with the best five-card hand,wins.

These High Card Limoges boxes are artfully and colorfully hand-painted with great detail, and are adorned with ornate clasps in the shape of a heart.

Success at poker is all about strategy.¬†¬† You must be able to read other players, tune into the reasoning behind everyone else’s moves, read their body language, and manage your own.¬† Luck is certainly a factor, but skill is key if you want to win consistently.¬†¬† Many people believe they can increase their chances of winning by bringing along “lucky charms”, such as a rabbit’s foot, charm bracelet, and even lucky underpants.¬† These Limoges boxes, being designed in the spirit of the game, could just be your next catalyst for a big win!

Check out our Games and Gambling Limoges boxes at and start raising the stakes of your collection today!

It’s a Small Limoges Box After All

April 22 has become a day where we officially celebrate our world.¬† This official informal holiday began on April 22, 1970, the result of one man’s conviction that there should be one day set aside to honor this place we all call home.¬† It is a day to renew our awareness of ways we can better contribute to our world’s health and cleanliness, and raise consciousness of behaviors that may be harmful to our land and air.

With these Earth Limoges boxes you can take a close look at the¬† beautiful craftsmanship of our world’s beauty, while caring for it in the palm of your hand

Relatively recent technology has grown to create various ways for people to save energy.  Hybrid vehicles, windmills, solar panels, and digital machinery are are examples of cutting out wasteful energy sources and using natural energy.   There have been many positive habits formed recently that have taken mass adoption such as recyclable shopping bags, paperless online banking, and carpooling or public transportation.   Every decision we make in our daily routines can probably be tweaked a little to decrease waste and positively effect our world.

Limoges boxes are comprised of earth-friendly material themselves, their source being the natural, fine, pure white clay, kaolin.  This material is made up mainly metal oxides, feldspar and quartz.  Using what the earth naturally provides for us is one main message of earth day, and Limoges boxes have been right on track since the 1700s.

Earth Limoges boxes are an excellent collector’s piece to add to a special day assortment.¬† Plus, if caring for the whole earth seems too daunting,¬† owing your own little world makes the maintenance issue very easy to accomplish.

When Buying Limoges Boxes Online, Customer Service Matters!

Those who make online purchases, expect excellent and fast service.  So much more, when purchasing a luxury gift such as a French Limoges box, excellent customer service makes all the difference.

Limoges boxes make perfect gifts for any occasion.¬† Whether it is a Birthday, Graduation, Anniversary, Mother’s Day, Special Holidays or just a gift to say “I love you”, timeliness really matters.¬† So often we receive calls or requests from customers who need the item “tomorrow”!¬† And, of course, our answer is:¬† Yes, we can deliver tomorrow! provides an easy to reach Toll-Free customer care telephone number and if we cannot be reached due to after-hour calls or time difference from other parts of the country, we always return calls as soon as it is possible.  Our customers are always very complimentary and actually surprised at our exceptional and friendly customer service.

Of course, when it comes to shipping, we make sure that all purchases are shipped the same day as purchase.  Our regular l0w-priced shipping normally arrives within 2-3 days.  We also offer 2-day and overnight shipping by FedEx for those customers who need to receive it on a certain day or at a certain time.

All in all, I am very happy to say that customers who appreciate fantastic quality and excellent service, become wonderful return customers.

Limoges Boxes For Vacation-Seekers

There are certain Limoges boxes that can transport you to a different time and place, evoking good feelings and wishes.  These French porcelain trinket boxes, catering to all different tastes and interests, cover a wide variety of items in our everyday life.   They can make us think about good times, things we have accomplished, people we enjoy, pets we have grown attached to, places we have been, or places we are eagerly awaiting an opportunity to visit.

One thing we all can relate to is the desire for vacation!¬† Often we daydream about our next tropical getaway and start planning the details.¬† The good news is that we do not have to wait too long, as there are Limoges boxes ¬†that¬†can¬†bring a little of that vacation into your life without having to schedule time into your calendar.¬†¬† Cruise ships, beach accessories, tempting destinations … these hand-painted Limoges collectibles¬†are a delightful way to begin, end, or just start thinking about your next vacation.

Cruise ship Limoges boxes come equipped with a voyage map as well as a lovely horizon painting inside

There are Limoges boxes for just about every popular travel spot, making them excellent gifts for friends and family who are planning a trip.  Whether it be studying abroad, honeymooning, moving to a fun new city, or revvving up for some fun in the sun, these porcelain collectibles are a great way to send loved ones off with good wishes for their journey.  You can give these little piece of the world to others, or even just create a tangible reverie for yourself of your own personal map-conquests.

Visit to view our extensive library of travel themed Limoges boxes to make some headway into that perfect holiday today!



Limoges Boxes Unhinged

From the very beginning of Limoges box history, from its conception in Paris in the early 1700′s, the one feature that defines these porcelain trinket boxes is the hinge.¬† All authentic Limoges boxes have hinges that are expertly fastened to the specific design of each box.¬† Originally these closures were¬†made of metal, but today they are made of sturdy¬†copper or a copper alloy.¬† True Limoges boxes ¬†do not have magnetic closures like some copies out there.

The hinges are beautiful in and of themselves, providing a textured golden touch of elegance along the rim of the opening, but another impressive feature of this design is the  clasp  that can vary from box to box.  This adds a decorative touch to the piece and often compliments the genre of the Limoges box itself.

The clasp of Baseball glove Limoges boxes continue the theme of the piece and compliment the design

Due to the fact that Limoges firing diminishes the boxes from their original production size, these hinges must be attached by the hand of the Limoges artisans in order to match the hinge to fit each box after it is out of the kiln process.   This means that each hinge is unique, custom fitted, and original to each Limoges box.

Limoges boxes are not only available with a single-hinge feature, but can come in double, triple, and even quadruple hinges!    These lovely additional divisions make you feel like a child again as you are filled with eagerness to open up each segment to take a peek inside.  Just make sure to do so carefully, as these fastenings are fragile and must be opened delicately.

These 4-hinged Limoges boxes come with your very own key to the village! 

Visit www.LimogesBoxCollector to see the variety of beautiful, hand-painted, authentic Limoges box collectibles we carry.

A Perfect Pairing of Limoges Boxes

France is held in high regard for its wine and also its cheese.¬† And what a lovely combination they make!¬†¬†¬†¬†You can find wine from¬†any of the fifteen vino-producing French regions, and you will never have a lack of it, as they produce 7‚Äď8 billion bottles per year.¬†¬† And the cheese — from 350 to 400 distinct types of French cheese, you can have quite a enjoyable time finding your favorite wine-cheese pairing.

Limoges Boxes are available in many wine varities such as Bordeaux, Chianti, and Champagne.

Here are some things to keep in mind while you are craving some quiet time with a good bottle of wine and a delicious chunk of cheese:

Harder cheeses go best with drier wines.

Creamy cheese go best with more acidic wines.

Salty cheese go best with sweet wines.

So, if you are thinking about Gouda or Parmesan, you may want to grab a bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon.  Or if you are more of a mozarella lover, you can go with Chianti.  Provolone goes great with Chardonnay, and if you are celebrating a special occasion with bottles of Champagne, make sure to serve some colby cheese along with it.

The artisans of French Limoges Boxes know best — this is a great set up for how you should go about discovering your favorite pairings.

Combining wine and cheese is certainly not an exact science, so just try what you like and see what satisfies your individual palette most perfectly.    If you are planning a trip to France, while you are on the veranda with your plate of pasta and some cheesy French bread, your waiter can provide you with some excellent suggestions for which wine might be best with your meal.

Limoges Boxes Representing the Great French Castle Chateau de Chenonceau

I have visited many chateaux and castles throughout France.¬† Among the most impressive is the dream-like Chateau de Chenonceau.¬† Chenonceau is located in the Loire Valley, an area with a great concentration of great manor houses and large castles such as the great Chambord castle.¬† The Loire Valley is located about 230 miles south of Paris ‚Äď an easy distance for any traveler with a love of French architecture.

An arial view of the Chateau de Chenonceau in the Loire Valley, France

An arial view of the Chateau de Chenonceau in the Loire Valley, France

Built overlooking the River Cher, Chenonceau is the Loire castle where women have most left an impression. Catherine Bri√ßonnet, Diane de Poitiers and Catherine de Medicis each brought a personal touch to this amazing castle. ¬†Apart from its enchanting formal gardens, the castle contains an impressive art collection, composed of period furniture and famous paintings (including Van Loo‚Äôs ‚ÄúThree Graces‚ÄĚ) in a bridge-gallery straddling the Cher.

A great way to memorialize a visit to this amazing castle or just to be reminded of the beauty of French chateaux in general, are these two fantastic Limoges boxes by Beauchamp Limoges.  One is an outstanding Limoges box made in the shape of the Chenonceau castle with the river running under it.  It is magnificently hand-painted with great detailing throughout.  Inside is a hand-painted image of ladies and a gentleman on a leisurely walk by the river, looking at the swans that are found at the castle.  The second is an exquisite Limoges box in the shape of a Postcard from Chenonceau.

Chenonceau Castle Chateau (Beauchamp)    Chenonceau Castle Postcard

Those who enjoy the French history, artistry and architecture, would love the collection of Limoges boxes offered at

Limoges boxes available in this website are also offered at our sister website

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