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Archive for August 2011

Ladies Love SHOES, Collectors Love French Limoges Shoe Boxes!

Why is it that we all love shoes so much?  I keep finding myself complementing others about their shoes – and who does not like to receive compliments?  So, it is not a surprise that Limoges collectors have to have a few styles of Limoges Shoe Boxes included in their collection – and you can [...]

What better way to say it than with a Heart Limoges Box!

Whether it is a gift for a friend, family member, engagement, wedding, anniversary, Valentine’s day, Mothers’ Day or just because … a Heart Limoges box can be the perfect gift to communicate your love and best wishes.  Heart Limoges boxes are among the most collected and beloved keepsakes.  Most Heart Limoges boxes are perfect for [...]

Angel Limoges Boxes for Christmas & All Year!

One of the favorite items for Christmas is an Angel.  For the Nativity Scene, an Angel is a always a great addition.  Angels are also used for Holiday decor in various forms, alone or as a group. For Limoges collectors, the Holiday season is a great time to display and show off these fantastic treasures.  [...]

Limoges Tips – Colors used in Porcelain Limoges Boxes

Did You Know that with each color added, the Limoges porcelain has to be fired in the kiln?  Limoges boxes are hand-painted with beautiful designs in various colors.  The colors used are in powder form.  Powder is mixed with special oils and applied with a brush.  When gold is used, it is pure 24K Gold [...]

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