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Limoges Boxes Representing the Great French Castle Chateau de Chenonceau

I have visited many chateaux and castles throughout France.  Among the most impressive is the dream-like Chateau de Chenonceau.  Chenonceau is located in the Loire Valley, an area with a great concentration of great manor houses and large castles such as the great Chambord castle.  The Loire Valley is located about 230 miles south of [...]

A Visit to the Porcelain Museum in Limoges, France

If your travels take you to the central region in France, the city of Limoges will be one of the highlights of your visit. Limoges is an ancient city with many fascinating historical sites, beautiful architecture and award-winning parks.  Most of all, Limoges is famous for its Porcelain known by the same name, Limoges!   When [...]

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