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Limoges Tips – Are All Porcelain Limoges Boxes Hand-Painted?

  Did You Know that the phrase “Peint Main” at the base of a Limoges box means that the porcelain is hand-painted?  Various colors can be applied by brush on white porcelain – the result depends on how talented and experienced the artist is.   Limoges boxes can also be decorated partially or entirely with [...]

VIDEO with 7 Essential Tips on Buying Limoges Boxes

For those who love, appreciate and collect French Limoges boxes, authenticity and artistry matter immensely. Limoges Box collectors always look for new styles and designs. In recent times, fake trinket boxes are found everywhere so Limoges collectors have to ensure that the porcelain boxes they are purchasing are authentic and have been entirely produced in [...]

Limoges Tips – Colors used in Porcelain Limoges Boxes

Did You Know that with each color added, the Limoges porcelain has to be fired in the kiln?  Limoges boxes are hand-painted with beautiful designs in various colors.  The colors used are in powder form.  Powder is mixed with special oils and applied with a brush.  When gold is used, it is pure 24K Gold [...]

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