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Barbie Limoges Boxes

The creation of the Barbie doll began a permanent love affair with the brand.¬† Barbie, with her vast wardrobe, plethora of vehicles, and handsome second half, Ken, has an envious lifestyle.¬†¬†¬†Barbie Limoges boxes exude the timelessness of the famous doll and¬†make a great¬†gift for any Barbie fan or lover of fashion icons.     The [...]

Go For Slim and Trim With These Limoges Boxes

Part of the magic of Limoges boxes is their carefree, light hearted nature.  They can have a serious side to them, but also always make you feel at ease and charmed by how delightful they are. For example, this weighing scale Limoges box may evoke thoughts of weight loss and food management, but this French [...]

Cigar Limoges Boxes

Many men crave quality cigars … especially if accompanied by scotch or bourbon.¬† Quality cigars are produced in such countries as Cuba, Dominican Republic, Nicaragua, and Honduras. Cigar Limoges boxes make great gifts for men.¬† They have a spirit of class, professionalism, masculinity, and leisure. ¬†This Cigar Limoges box with an ashtray would be a [...]

Wonder(land)ful Limoges boxes

Lewis Caroll’s most popular story comes alive again and again through the various feature film interpretations of the classic story.¬† Generation to generation has been enamored by Alice’s tale with all its queer delights and intriguing fantasy. has a lovely Alice in Wonderland Limoges boxes, including Alice herself, a red toadstool mushroom, and the [...]

Zoom In On These Limoges Boxes

Any lover of Limoges boxes can appreciate creativity and perspective.  These French porcelain art pieces capture little pieces of reality and shrink them down to an enchanting trinket box wonders.  The artists use complex methods of mixing and molding to achieve the shape of each Limoges, and bring in wonderfully vibrant hand-painted and fired color to [...]

Limoges Boxes For Your Pockets

It is a shame there are not many pocket watches around today.  With wrist-watches, cell phones, and computer task bars, these pocket sized time keepers are now not as needed as they once were.  Limoges boxes capture the beauty and nostalgia of these antiquated time pieces. Complete with hand-painted porcelain watch face, watch cover, and chain, these [...]

Limoges Boxes For A Happy Birthday

If you are looking for birthday Limoges boxes that will make someone’s special day memorable and filled with sweetness, visit¬† We carry a veritable plethora of excellent birthday trinket boxes that will complete any birthday celebration.¬† Most birthday Limoges are accompanied by precious porcelain trinkets that fit inside, such as presents, hearts, or cards. [...]

Rediscover Egypt with Limoges Boxes

The ancient Egyptians left behind many incredible materials for future generations to marvel at.  The pyramids, being among the wonders of the world, are incredible testiment to the resourcefulness and genius of this civilization.  The pyramids were constructed of thousands of blocks, each block weighing about two tons.  Today, people travel far and wide to [...]

Penguin Limoges Boxes

Penguins are unique birds that swim rather than fly.  Living mostly in cold seas in the far south of the world, penguins spend most of their lives in water and flock together in enormous groups. has beautiful penguin Limoges boxes that are a wonderful treat for penguin lovers. This Limoges box is the king penguin , easy [...]

Be Bamboo-zled By These Limoges Boxes

Bamboo is quite an impressive plant Рit is durable, beautiful, and stable.   Growing fast and high, bamboo can grow as much as 4 feet in 24 hourse, and up to 100 feet high.   Its speedy regeneration allows for it to be frequently used to build fencing, bridges, ladders, cooking vessels, instruments, as well as serving as a delicious food [...]

Angelic Limoges Boxes

Angels have always been a symbol of protection, peach, and purity.  Their likesness is often seen in paintings, churches, and is used in holiday decor.  There is a hierarchy of angels, and cherubs are noted to be celestial beings close to heaven credited with being the eight of the nine orders in this group. has a [...]

Brewing Up Some Limoges

  Many people cannot start their day without a morning coffee jolt. ¬† You can brew yourself a morning cup at home, stop for a one on the way to work, or grab some in your office break room.¬† Keeping you revved for a few hours, coffee drinkers rely on it sometimes more than once [...]

Perfect Limoges Boxes For Father’s Day

Father’s Day is Sunday, June 17th, and is a perfect place to start looking for that special gift for dad this year.¬† You can find many themes that all dad’s enjoy, as well as many Limoges boxes that are specific to your dad’s individual taste. Does your dad like to ski?¬† Is he into [...]

Upping The Ante With Limoges Boxes

Poker is one of the most popular card games of all time.  This challenging and addicting activity is played in casinos, tournaments, on the internet, and many even host their own poker nights in their homes.   The internet and TV have certainly fueled a recent poker explosion, as many are beginning to study this game [...]

It’s a Small Limoges Box After All

April 22 has become a day where we officially celebrate our world.¬† This official informal holiday began on April 22, 1970, the result of one man’s conviction that there should be one day set aside to honor this place we all call home.¬† It is a day to renew our awareness of ways we can [...]

When Buying Limoges Boxes Online, Customer Service Matters!

Those who make online purchases, expect excellent and fast service.¬† So much more, when purchasing a luxury gift such as a French Limoges box, excellent customer service makes all the difference. Limoges boxes make perfect gifts for any occasion.¬† Whether it is a Birthday, Graduation, Anniversary, Mother’s Day, Special Holidays or just a gift to [...]

Limoges Boxes For Vacation-Seekers

There are certain Limoges boxes that can transport you to a different time and place, evoking good feelings and wishes.  These French porcelain trinket boxes, catering to all different tastes and interests, cover a wide variety of items in our everyday life.   They can make us think about good times, things we have accomplished, people we [...]

Limoges Boxes Unhinged

From the very beginning of Limoges box history, from its conception in Paris in the early 1700′s, the one feature that defines these porcelain trinket boxes is the hinge.¬† All authentic Limoges boxes have hinges that are expertly fastened to the specific design of each box.¬† Originally these closures were¬†made of metal, but today they [...]

A Perfect Pairing of Limoges Boxes

France is held in high regard for its wine and also its cheese.¬† And what a lovely combination they make!¬†¬†¬†¬†You can find wine from¬†any of the fifteen vino-producing French regions, and you will never have a lack of it, as they produce 7‚Äď8 billion bottles per year.¬†¬† And the cheese — from 350 to 400 [...]

Limoges Boxes Representing the Great French Castle Chateau de Chenonceau

I have visited many chateaux and castles throughout France.  Among the most impressive is the dream-like Chateau de Chenonceau.  Chenonceau is located in the Loire Valley, an area with a great concentration of great manor houses and large castles such as the great Chambord castle.  The Loire Valley is located about 230 miles south of [...]

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