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Authenticity And Marks

Limoges Boxe Authenticity & Marks |


Limoges Boxe Authenticity & Marks |

When it comes to purchasing a collectible French Limoges box, it is very important to have a source that is trustworthy, well-respected and an expert in this field.  At we fulfill all these necessary attributes.  As direct importers of the highest quality French Limoges boxes, we work directly with the manufacturing artists in Limoges, France and receive our shipments directly from Limoges.   Our aim is to bring the highest quality and the most artistic French Limoges boxes to you at the most reasonable price.

Limoges Insignia, Marks & Backstamps  

In order to be authentic, a Limoges box must be crafted and hand-painted entirely in the Limoges region of France.  The authenticity of the Limoges box can be determined by its backstamp markings.  The backstamps is normally found at the base or inside the Limoges box.  Limoges producers, workshops and artisans use various styles in marking their Limoges creations.  Some inscribe the Limoges by hand at the base or inside, where space allows.  Others, use a form stamp which is applied to the Limoges under the glaze.  All such forms of inscription renders the Limoges box authentic.

The designation "Limoges, France" on the backstamp is the guarantee of the origin of manufacture.  The words "Peint Main" indicate that the Limoges box is painted by hand.  Some artists include their initials or name in the markings.  If the Limoges box is created in a limited edition, the number will also be included in the insignia.  

Below are some examples of Limoges insignia marks and backstamps by some of Limoges manufacturers.


Beware of Reproductions, Knock-Offs and Fakes

As with any valuable collectible, there are many reproductions and knock-off porcelain boxes on the market.  Such boxes are manufactured in countries other than France, especially the far east countries.  The purity of white porcelain, the detailed hand-painting and the quality of the metalwork is discernibly lacking in knock-off porcelain boxes.  

Most knock-offs have no markings at the base.  However, some use the name Limoges in their markings.  Below are a few marks to watch out for.

Fake Limoges Marks |



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